Unleash the power of promotional products

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  • 1 April, 2017

Promotional products are a powerful media between brands and (potential) clients. In many events like fairs, corporate parties, promotions, corporate expositions, congresses and more occasions, this kind of products can help you more than you think.

Today we present you 4 REASONS why you should use promotional products more often and how to unleash their power.
Boost Sales: if you are planning to launch a new product or service you can give additional gadgets in order to create a link between your product and the benefit of your gift. I.E. You can give an Auto Tech Kit if you are car-selling company.


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Promotional Campaigns

Your company is going to debut in a business fair and you just have your products and a brochure showing data and additional info. That’s ok, that’s a good start, but think of how effective would be to give away useful things for your target like pens, USB flashdrives, folders and diaries. People love free things and if they are useful for them, they are more likeable to remember you and your company.

Slap on USB

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Business cards are a good way to exchange basic contact info between partners and colleagues, but it doesn’t impact effectively. They say first impression is all, and you’re missing a big opportunity if you don’t play your cards right. Thank your clients for being always there for you, create customer loyalty programs based on gifts and promotional products for your main partners.

Tablet Holder

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Your sales department is doing a great job, wouldn’t be awesome to give them a reward for their dedication? You can use corporate gifts and promotional products as an incentive to drive even more sales. If you are offering good options they will have an extra motivation to their work. Promotional products can be used to reinforce your corporate identity, make everything on your company to breathe your brand spirit. Products like mousepads, pens, flashdrives, mugs, etc. can help you with that.


Powerbank portfolio

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And what should I give as a gift?

You shouldn’t worry too much about what gift should you give. There are thousands of options and we know them all. If you need some help, contact us, we can guide you to choose the perfect gift for your needs.
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