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  • 1 May, 2017

This shouldn’t be a “secret” but, for some companies, employee recognition isn’t a thing. When it comes to identify and recognize the inner value of their workers, some managers and HR representatives, tend to ignore how much a great work improves efficiency and profitability, and how much their businesses can grow if that good work gets a proper recognition.


When a worker receives a simple compliment, his attitude changes immediately, and that’s just the beginning. Employee recognition is a management tool that can help to reinforce company-worker relationships, change (for good) some actions and preserve certain behaviors that you would like to maintain inside your business. Motivation is a powerful engine that can move a single employee, a particular group of your staff or an entire corporation, it depends on how effective this motivation is.


But, how to motivate your employees? What can you do?

  • Public recognition: “Great work!”, “nice job”, “well done”, are simple sentences that can boost employees’ motivation in seconds. And when you do that in public, in front of the others, the entire group will feel motivated… if you recognize a great job, others will notice it too and could copy the same behavior.


  • Memorandum: Memos are not just for bad news and they’re not just a scolding tool. They can be used as a private and official media to recognize a great labor. Your employee will know that if you took your time to write it down, it should be important and personal. Use it when you feel you need it.


  • Salary Increase: a raise is always good news. If your employee is generating profits on his own, why not to share a little bit of that profit with the one who made it possible?


  • Corporate gifts: special treats makes us feel even more special. Branded gifts will let your employees know how much do you care about them and how value you perceive their collaboration. Find thousands of promotional products here:


Here are some ideas for recognize their work. Think outside the box, these can help you…

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If you need further assistance finding the perfect gift to recognize your employee’s work, contact us! We’ll be glad to help you.


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