5 Awesome Ideas for your Travel Gifts

  • Admindstory
  • 1 April, 2017

Corporate travels are just around the corner and you should be 100% prepared for them. Finding the right gift for your employees, suppliers and collaborators can be a hassle for your HR team. You can’t control the impact of your gift: even if you are giving a free travel to the Bahamas for everyone, someone will be disappointed, or some grumpy employee will protest because it wasn’t to another place. The thing is you can make them all happy, but you can reduce the risk of getting everybody angry because of your gift choice.

Are you planning your next corporate travel? This 5 awesome ideas will help you:

  1. Bottle Capri: a go-anywhere option that will add value to your brand recall and positioning. Useful gifts create a mental relationship between your company and the benefit contained in the product.



  1. Featherlite Quick Draw Pack: a great gift for all ages. Lightweight and durable materials make this bag a stylish and useful option for everyone.

    Draw Pack

  1. 2200 mAh Power Bank: your phone has died and you need to charge it immediately but you are in the middle of nowhere. What would you do? A powerbank can be your salvation and can be your employees’. Give your brand a chance of being a hero 500 times with this useful gift.



  1. Zipper EarBuds Kit: this is a perfect option for the travel itself or for your employees on the go. A good set of earbuds is always a great company for those who travel often. With the zipper design they can be used and stored easily. The kit includes: a set of zipper earbuds + storage case.



  1. 5 Panel Cap: a safe bet. This cap, with adjustable velcro strap tcan be customized with your company logo, it’s a classic of corporate gifts and promotional products. A cap is always necessary as protection or as an accessory, and with this specific model, you’ll be giving a comfortable piece of clothing.



There are thousands of options and we know them all. If you need some help, contact us, we can guide you to choose the perfect gift for your needs.